Babu Gogineni, his career and family

Rajaji Ramanadha Babu Gogineni well known and famous as Babu Gogineni.He was born on 14 April 1968.

He is famous and populates as an Indian Humanist, Rationalist, and human rights activist. He served as Executive Director of the “International Humanist and Ethical Union(IHEU)”.

He is the founder of “South Asian Humanist Association and Indian Humanists”. And also he established “Skillguru”, a training, and private business.

Babu gogineni

In his activities, Babu Gogineni campaigns against established privilege and abuse of rights done in the name of religion. During his time, he led IHEU’s worldwide campaigns for the protection of Taslima Nasreen, a Bangladeshi writer. Bringing Pakistani freethinker Younus Shaik to safety in Europe.

He successfully led a campaign in India for rehabilitation and protecting the rights of Sambhavi (a child who was claimed as a reincarnation of the Buddhist Goddess).

In 2003, Babu Gogineni is one of the signatories to the “Human Manifesto”. He also identified himself as a “Bright”. He was alleged by Veera Narayana for false self-proclaiming.

Babu Gogineni Family

Babu Gogineni was born on 14 April 1968 , in Hyderabad, India. His parents are Aruna Kumari and Gurubabu. His parents are from Andra Pradesh, India

He is also a Prolific writer in English, French, and Telugu. He was a columnist for Postnoon, a Hyderabad based daily newspaper and wrote a column called “The Human Angle”. He also hosted a multi-language TV series called “The big question with Babu Gogineni” offering a humanist perspective on Science and Civilization.

He travels both domestically and internationally to spread humanism and awareness of social issues. He speaks on television debates on superstitions, science, humanism, and human rights.

Early Life and Activism:
Bubu Gogoineni was born on 14th April 1968 in Hyderabad, the son of Aruna Kumari of Eluru, West Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh and Gurubabu of Tenali, Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh at the age of 18. He was the youngest certified French Language Teacher in Hyderabad and later graduated from Nizam College.

He served as a Joint Secretary of the Indian Radical Humanist Association, Bombay between 1988-1996; Vice-President of the Indian Rationalist Association in Hyderabad between 1993-1996; Secretary General of Rationalist Association India in Hyderabad between 1995-1996, and was taken part of South Asian Humanist Network in Bombay between 1995 – 1996 before moving to the country UK in 1997, where he continued his activism work with the International Humanist and Ethical Union.

Babu Gogineni Wife

IHEU Career:

He was appointed as Executive Director of the International Humanist and Ethical Union (IHEU) in 1997. He was associated with IHEU till 2015.
During his long association with IHEU, he implemented the IHEU’s move to the United Kingdom and turned IHEU into a multi-lingual proactive campaigning organization, arranged IHEU’s lobbying efforts at international level by securing special consultative status at the United Status and organized IHEU’s first General Assembly (GA) in Africa, and conceptualized and founded the IHEU Centre for Bioethics at the United Nations in NewYork. He helped organize IHEU’s congress in Mumbai (1999),
Amsterdam (2002) and Paris (2005) and it’s first General Assembly in Africa (2004).

How to Vote Babu Gogineni Bigg Boss Telugu 2 

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Kamal Hassan appears in Telugu Biggboss 2

Kamal Hassan in Biggboss Telugu 2

Kamal Hassan in Biggboss telugu 2

Kamal Hassan in Biggboss telugu 2

BiggBoss 2 has many surprises in it. One of the Biggest surprises is the Visit of Kamal Hassan Garu to the house.

Before  Kamal enters the house there was a discussion going on between Geetha and Shyamala.  Shyamala says that she is again in the house because many people have voted her, this time she’s not gonna disappoint public. She also tells that from today she will be straightforward and blunt with everybody. She also says that she will entertain the audience.

Kamal Hassan garu has spent good time with the Housemates. In the House Kamal asks rationalist Babu Gogineni that how is he feeling. Babu answers that one should be self. Amit whistles a song which is ilayaraja’s tune.  Kamal says ilayaraja is great Music Director and music doesn’t have any boundaries. Kamal Hassan plays Viswaroopam 2 trailer in the house. Kamal surprises housemates with viswaroopam 2 soldier T-shirts.

Kamal Hassan in Biggboss telugu 2

Kamal introduces viswaroopam 2 crew to the housemates. He praises his crew. He also says that his movie is going to release on Aug 10 and today is viswaroopam 2audio release function.

Kaushal asks Kamal to walk as he walked in Bharateeyudu movie. He also says that he is a Model and choreographer and also says that he has become a Model just seeing Kamals Walking style in Bharateeyudu. Upon request Kamal accepts and walks.

Roll Rida impresses Kamal and his crew by singing a Rap on viswaroopam 2 movie.

Kamal Hassan says that he has come with a special power of stopping a participant with eviction for two weeks and he will choose one contestant. He also says that people are watching this show. People may be enjoying the show but contestants should not forget to be self. He gifts that card to Amit. Now Amit cannot be eliminated for two weeks.

Bigboss gives a task to housemates in which he asks to promote’ Hero Maestro’. Kaushal plays as Bahubali, Pooja plays as Aparichithudu, Sameer plays as Arjun Reddy, Geetha Madhuri plays as Chandramukhi and Deepthi Sunaina plays as Hasini. Everyone played good and sportively.

At the end Geetha Madhuri warns Deepthi to be herself. Deepthi remembers her father and husband, which brings tears into shyamala’s eyes. At last Geetha, Deepthi and Shyamala Hug each other.



BiggBoss In Telugu Season 2 Participants/Contestants List

(Big) BiggBoss In Telugu Season 2 Participants, Contestants:

BiggBoss is the one of the most controversial television show in India. Natural star Nani is hosting BiggBoss In Telugu. It is also telecasted in the Telugu language now Season 2 is going on. There are 16 BigBoss Telugu Season 2 ParticipantsBiggBoss Contestants Contestants Telugu are actively participating in the show and putting efforts to win the show. Here is the list of participants of BiggBoss season 2 Telugu. Watch Biggboss Telugu 2 on Star Maa and Hotstar Premium for full non-stop entertainment. bigg boss contestants telugu

Telugu TV Audience heartbeat “BiggBoss”


big boss telugu season 2 participants

Big Boss Telugu Season 2 Participants/Contestants in Telugu:

bigg boss contestants telugu

1) Deepthi: She’s an engineering graduate, Deepthi is an anchor for TV9. She comes from Vijayawada. Bigg boss telugu 2

2) Deepthi Sunaina: Known for Kirrak Party and also for Youtube dubsmash videos. Biggboss telugu 2

3) Tanish : He is a Telugu Film Actor.Tanish made his Telugu debut with Prema Katha and was last seen in Nakshatram. Bigg boss telugu 2

4) Roll Rida : He is an engineering graduate and has worked for Tech Mahindra. He is Telugu rapper. Bigg boss telugu 2

5) Actor Samrat : Samrat Reddy is an actor who acted in couple of Telugu Films

6) Babu Gogineni: Humanist, rationalist, and human rights activist, He is famous rationalist appeared on numerous Telugu TV news channels and debates. bigg boss season 2 telugu

7) Kireeti Damaraju : Kireeti Damaraju started his acting career with short films and also acted in some telugu Movies . bigg boss season 2 telugu

8) Anchor Shyamala : Shyamala is an anchor who has hosted many TV shows and has appeared in many supporting roles in movies. bigg boss season 2 telugu

9) Geetha Madhuri : The playback singer and dubbing artist who is famous for her versatile singing. bigg boss season 2 telugu

10) Amit Tiwari : Amit Tiwai is an actor who did many supporting roles in telugu movies. bigg boss season 2 telugu

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Kamal Hassan appears in Telugu Bigg boss 2

11) Kaushal : Television actor who plays supporting roles in serials.

12) Tejaswi Madiwada : Tejaswi made her acting debut in 2013 with Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu and became popular after starring in Ram Gopal Varma Ice Cream.

13) Bhanu Sri: Dancer. Well known face for Telugu audiences.

Participants under common People category are…

14) Sanjana

15) Nutan Naidubigg boss contestants telugu

16) Ganesh: bigg boss contestants telugu

Bigg boss telugu 2, bigg boss contestants telugu

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Telugu TV Audience heartbeat “BiggBoss”

Telugu TV serial lovers across the globe are feeling lucky for the reality show “BIGGBOSS”. Its a reality show which is based on Hindi BiggBoss which is also based on Dutch “Big Brother” show. In this show the Contestants/Participants (Housemates) live in a house (BIGGBOSS House) for 100 days. The participants are isolated from the rest of the world. They do not have access for internet, Phone, Newspaper,TV etc. Every housemate have to nominate one person every week for elimination. One person will be eliminated from the house who receives less votes.

Timings: Mon-Fri – 9:30pm

Sat- Sun – 9pm

Channel: Star MAA

At the end one person will be declared as BiggBoss Winner, who receives more number of votes by public. Also, he/she will win prize money award.

This show has gathered lot of attention among Telugu TV audience. he First season was hosted by None other than Young Tiger “NTR”. His spontaneous act and sense of humour has created a buzz in Telugu TV audiences. It was a Big Success.

BIGGBOSS 2 has also gathered the same attention as the first edition. This time it was Natural Star “Nani” who took the charge of Hosting. He brought the attention in this show with his straight forward Feedback to the participants.