Fight in Biggboss-Deepthi gets upset with Nuthan Naidu

Fight in Biggboss

Fight in Biggboss

Kaushal does Face exercises. Kaushal imitates Sunaina and Samrat by acting like them. Nutan confirms the name whom Kaushal acted as in biggboss telugu season 2.

Tanish takes the chocolates and counts and tells the housemates that he will distribute among all. He finds some chocolates were missing. He realizes that the chocolates were taken by Amit. He calls Amit. Amit went to the washroom area and hides.  Sunaina caught him and everyone laughs. Tanish takes the chocolates from Amit and distributes everyone.

Fight in Biggboss

Kaushal and Nuthan were discussing about housemates. Kaushal is telling that out of all the housemates Tanish is playing as a matured person and says he has shown his maturity in playing the tasks, but not as mature as him.

Housemates gathered in the kitchen and were discussing Amit says that he does not want to leave the house as he got attached to everyone in the house. Tanish, Geetha also feels the same. Tanish becomes emotional and cries. Sunaina consoles him.


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Deepthi calls Nutan and asks him why he was not part of the discussion, as many housemates were at one place. Nutan tells Deepthi not to act over smart before him. Deepthi tells Nutan Naidu that everyone came to Biggboss house to win. Nutan contradicts and asks who told her about this? Deepthi asks Nutan why he came to Biggboss house for winning or not? Nutan then tells Deepthi to be her self and not act. Deepthi feels bad and leaves the place.

Now, its time for the natural Star Nani to enter the show. Nani comes and greets everyone. He talks to everyone and shares the memories of the tasks. In his discussions, he asks everyone if they were happy with the captaincy of Pooja. Everyone raises their hands and says that they were happy with her captaincy. Only Kaushal says that he was not happy with Pooja Captaincy as many times dog barked many did not follow the rules.

Fight in Biggboss

Now, its time for a caller. Caller Named Prashanth from Warangal calls and talks to Geetha Madhuri tells that he is her fan and feels that she is not playing her natural game. Also suggests her not to get influenced by anyone in the house. Geetha clarifies the caller.

Fight in Biggboss

Nani now reveals the names of the housemates who were in nominations and tells the name of the housemate who was in the protected zone. The first name he takes is Geetha and the second name is Shyamala. He did not reveal the third person name. Now everyone has to wait till tomorrow to know who is eliminated from Biggboss House.

That’s it from our end. Its Vijay Kumar Ram Signing off.


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