BiggBoss 2 Winner Kaushal

BiggBoss 2 Winner Kaushal


It was a very special Sunday for all the biggboss lovers. The time has come to reveal the secret and announce the winner of the Biggboss Telugu Season 2. The audience was eagerly waiting to hear the name of the winner. It was more than 100 days in the biggboss house. It was not that easy.

Staying in biggboss house for more than 100 days, without mobile, without TV, without electronic gadgets, without internet is very hard.

Though it was tough, 5 contestants made it to the final 5. They were Deepthi, Geetha, Kaushal, Samrat, and Tanish. They had to play very well to get to the top 5. In fact, they got a very tough fight with Roll Rida and Amit.

BiggBoss 2 Winner Kaushal

Sunday was the final day in Biggboss house. Nani the Host came to the set with a beautiful suit. On the stage, there was a separate stage all the contestants who participated in Biggboss 2. Everyone was excited about the winner.

The game started. It was the time to reveal the first person’s name who was out of Biggboss house among the top 5. Nani revealed the name. To everyone’s surprise it was ‘Samrat’. Nani said that it was Samrat who went to top 5 first and it was again Samrat who came out of the biggboss house first. It was shocking to many of Samrat’s fans. Samrat comes out of the house after having a selfie with the housemates.

BiggBoss 2 Winner Kaushal

Samrat came to the stage and meets Nani. Shares some feelings and had a selfie with Nani and goes down the stage and gives a hug to his parents and goes the contestants place and sits there.

BiggBoss 2 Winner Kaushal

The excitement was even more after the elimination of Samrat. Now there are only four contestants in the house. Nani gets ready to reveal the name of the second contestant name. He takes the name of the ‘Vijayawada contestant’ Deepthi.

Everyone was shocked to hear her name in the eliminated list. She with very sorrow face came out of the house to the stage. Nani call Deepthi’s son sidharth to have a selfie.

Now the tension was building even more. It was Tanish who had to leave the biggboss house.

BiggBoss 2 Winner Kaushal

Now it was the final moments. Nani comes to the Biggboss house and talks to Geetha and Kaushal for some time and holds their hands and comes out of Biggboss house.

It was a very tense moment for Nani to announce the winner. Suddenly, Cine Actor Venkatesh appears on the stage. He also tried to announce the winner’s name, but it was difficult to announce. Then they planned to get the name to be announced by the Nani TV. It was none other than ‘Kaushal’  the Biggboss Telugu 2 winner.

Kaushal is the winner of the Biggboss 2 and Geetha is the runner-up. Kaushal receives the award and a prize money of Rs.50lakhs. Kaushal announces that the prize money will be given to the cancer patients for treatment. BiggBoss 2 Winner Kaushal.



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