BiggBoss 2 Winner Kaushal

BiggBoss 2 Winner Kaushal


It was a very special Sunday for all the biggboss lovers. The time has come to reveal the secret and announce the winner of the Biggboss Telugu Season 2. The audience was eagerly waiting to hear the name of the winner. It was more than 100 days in the biggboss house. It was not that easy.

Staying in biggboss house for more than 100 days, without mobile, without TV, without electronic gadgets, without internet is very hard.

Though it was tough, 5 contestants made it to the final 5. They were Deepthi, Geetha, Kaushal, Samrat, and Tanish. They had to play very well to get to the top 5. In fact, they got a very tough fight with Roll Rida and Amit.

BiggBoss 2 Winner Kaushal

Sunday was the final day in Biggboss house. Nani the Host came to the set with a beautiful suit. On the stage, there was a separate stage all the contestants who participated in Biggboss 2. Everyone was excited about the winner.

The game started. It was the time to reveal the first person’s name who was out of Biggboss house among the top 5. Nani revealed the name. To everyone’s surprise it was ‘Samrat’. Nani said that it was Samrat who went to top 5 first and it was again Samrat who came out of the biggboss house first. It was shocking to many of Samrat’s fans. Samrat comes out of the house after having a selfie with the housemates.

BiggBoss 2 Winner Kaushal

Samrat came to the stage and meets Nani. Shares some feelings and had a selfie with Nani and goes down the stage and gives a hug to his parents and goes the contestants place and sits there.

BiggBoss 2 Winner Kaushal

The excitement was even more after the elimination of Samrat. Now there are only four contestants in the house. Nani gets ready to reveal the name of the second contestant name. He takes the name of the ‘Vijayawada contestant’ Deepthi.

Everyone was shocked to hear her name in the eliminated list. She with very sorrow face came out of the house to the stage. Nani call Deepthi’s son sidharth to have a selfie.

Now the tension was building even more. It was Tanish who had to leave the biggboss house.

BiggBoss 2 Winner Kaushal

Now it was the final moments. Nani comes to the Biggboss house and talks to Geetha and Kaushal for some time and holds their hands and comes out of Biggboss house.

It was a very tense moment for Nani to announce the winner. Suddenly, Cine Actor Venkatesh appears on the stage. He also tried to announce the winner’s name, but it was difficult to announce. Then they planned to get the name to be announced by the Nani TV. It was none other than ‘Kaushal’  the Biggboss Telugu 2 winner.

Kaushal is the winner of the Biggboss 2 and Geetha is the runner-up. Kaushal receives the award and a prize money of Rs.50lakhs. Kaushal announces that the prize money will be given to the cancer patients for treatment. BiggBoss 2 Winner Kaushal.



Kaushal and Geetha Fight-Ganesh eliminated

Kaushal and Geetha Fight

This Saturday was special in Biggboss house because every Sunday one housemate has to leave the house buy this weak its double elimination. Two contestants have to leave the house. One this Saturday and other Sunday

The show started with Nani dancing. Nani appeared in Blue dress.

Coming to the show, Dogs barked in the house, it means someone in the house was sleeping. This time it was Geetha. She wakes up. Kaushal says that she should follow the Biggboss rules and should not sleep. Geetha says that she knows the rules and didn’t want Kaushal to interfere. Kaushal reminds that a day back she told that she will follow the rules of Biggboss house. Geetha gets upset and tells Kaushal to leave her, also says that she will follow or not follow it’s her wish. Like this Kaushal and Geetha Fight

Geetha Cries. Ganesh and Tanish try to console her. Kaushal and Geetha Fight

Small Task

Now its time for a small task. The task is BigBomb protection card. Every contestant can choose a housemate and protect him from Bigbomb. First its Tanish’s turn.

Tanish chooses Samrat.

Amit Chooses Roll Rida

Ganesh Chooses Deepthi

Kaushal Chooses Nutan

Samrat chooses Tanish

Deepthi chooses Nutan

Geetha Chooses Shyamala

Shyamala Chooses Geetha

Nutan Chooses Kaushal

Deepthi gets emotional and tells Ganesh that she cares a lot for him, also says that if he is eliminated then she will collapse.

Kaushal and Geetha Fight

Another Task.

This time Nani gives the task. The task is “every contestant is given a chance to criticise one of their housemates by writing about them over the card.

Firstly Nani calls Roll Rida, he has the allegation that he is acting. He clears that he is not acting and no one can act these many days in the house.

Secondly, Ganesh. He has the allegation that he is afraid, Very Innocent, Very immature, Very lazy, Very Confused. He clears all the obligations.

Next Samrat’s turn. The Allegation was that he was sent out for one day, like that everybody has to an opportunity to go out and come. Nani gets angry about this. Says that Samrat doesn’t need to answer this question as this question is asked to Biggboss Nani answers. Says that it was unavoidable that’s why he was sent out.

Next Shyamala,  allegations were she was not the suitable person for re-entry, no change after re-entry. She clarifies.

Tanish Turn, He clarifies on Captaincy task.

Its Nutan’s turn, allegations were ‘he is talkative’ he clarifies on that. Another allegation is that he is playing smart because he went out and came in.

Amith’s turn, the allegation is he makes boring gestures. He clarifies this

Its Deepthi’s turn, She clarifies the allegation which was on her. The allegation was that she plays very well in physical task rather than the mental task.

Now its Kaushal’s turn,  the allegations were ” he doesn’t care about others, he just focuses on his game, Selfish.  He clarifies.

Now its Geetha’s turn. Nani appreciates her performance in the secret task. She also clarifies her allegations.

Kaushal and Geetha Fight

Now its time for the caller.

Satya Srinivas calls and says he is a big fan of Nani. He wants to talk to Galli star Roll Rida, tells to play his natural game. He also suggests listening to what Nani says and follow. Roll also agree to follow.

Now its time for elimination. Housemates knew that Nani will announce the names of the people who were in the protected zone. But, this Saturday there is elimination which they didn’t know.

The contestants who were in nomination were Amit, Samrat, Ganesh, Nutan, and Kaushal. Nani announces the name of the person who is in the protected zone. It’s Kaushal.

Kaushal and Geetha Fight

For everyone’s surprise Nani announce Ganesh’s Name and says he is eliminated and this weak its double elimination. Ganesh including everyone in the house was shocked. Nani says to have a selfie with Ganesh and calls him on to the stage.

This is Vijay Kumar Ram signing off. Thats the Kaushal and Geetha Fight. You can also watch the highlights on hotstar






Who is Roll Rida- Bigg Boss 2, Wiki, Biography, Age, Images, Songs

Roll Rida- Bigg Boss 2, Wiki, Biography, Age,Images, Songs

Who is Roll Rida

Who is Roll Rida:

Roll Rida- Bigg Boss 2, Wiki, Biography, Age,Images, Songs

Roll Rida, an Indian rapper, songwriter(lyricist), actor in the Telugu language.

He became popular with the songs on Sankranthi, Patang, became a massive hit with over 14 million views. His other favorite songs are Kattiff, Dilkush.

He recently selected as one of the contestants for BiggBoss Telugu 2 (2nd edition).

He has reached successfully in the 6th week of the show.

Who is Roll Rida

Who is Roll Rida-

Roll Rida Wiki/Biography:
He was born in Karimnagar, Telangana, India. He completed schooling at Johnson Grammar School, Hyderabad. Intermediate at Narayana Junior College, Tarnaka, Hyderabad. Completed his B.Tech (Graduation) in Computer Science from CVR College of Engineering. He was well known for his singing in school and started a band in college with his friend, Syed Kamran.

Who is Roll Rida

Roll Rida Career:

On his parents’ insistence Roll Rida cleared Civil Services Prelims, but he did not write mains exam. Later he worked at Google, Hyderabad and as Quality Analyst at Tech Mahindra.

Roll Rida Singing Career:

He chose “Roll Rida” as Professional name upon his friend’s suggestion, after famous American rapper, Flo Rida, of Low song fame. He left his job for the success in his singing career in 2017.

Who is Roll Rida

He was the first to do a rap song in the Telugu language. In 2013, he made his debut in Sankranthi, with a single, Patang on Youtube became a huge hit, with over 14 million views. His songs Patang, Kirana Song, Dilkush are popular with Young listeners. His rapping is based on Hyderabadi Telangana language accent. He has visited the United States of America, in 2015 and 2016, promoted his Telugu rap and hip hop songs. Roll Rida featured in VH1 in 2010. He performed at TKR Engineering College annual event which was a huge hit.

Who is Roll Rida

Roll Rida Artistry:

Influences, Rapping, and technique
He was a massive metal music fan. He has cited several MC’s as influencing his rapping style like Eminem, 50 Cent and also Linkin’ Park rap songs.

Who is Roll Rida

While in his college days, he was caught on hold by them and was asked to sing on the bus and he sang Linkin’ Park rap song. Impressed with the song they asked to sing a rap song daily. By this, he became very popular in his college and formed a band.
The rapping songs of “Roll Rida” is a combination of Hyderabadi Telugu and Deccani accent spoken in Hyderabad Old City.
His friend Syed Kamran writes most of the songs of Roll Rida.

Roll Rida Tollywood:

Roll Rida was working with most popular music directors in Telugu like M.M.Keeravani, S.S. Thaman, and Anoop Rubens. He worked as a voice artist for Junior NTR in Temper and Akhil Akkineni in Manam.
He acted in a short film named “Hello!” an urban rom-com was on Youtube.

Roll Rida Bigg Boss 2:

Due to his popularity, he selected for Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Without getting eliminated, he reached up to week eight on the program. He is popular in the house and audience for his funny songs and conversation. He was happy to show himself off as a rap singer on the show. In week 6, he won a task, ordered by Bigg Boss in the show and declared as the new captain of the house.

Fight in Biggboss-Deepthi gets upset with Nuthan Naidu

Fight in Biggboss

Fight in Biggboss

Kaushal does Face exercises. Kaushal imitates Sunaina and Samrat by acting like them. Nutan confirms the name whom Kaushal acted as in biggboss telugu season 2.

Tanish takes the chocolates and counts and tells the housemates that he will distribute among all. He finds some chocolates were missing. He realizes that the chocolates were taken by Amit. He calls Amit. Amit went to the washroom area and hides.  Sunaina caught him and everyone laughs. Tanish takes the chocolates from Amit and distributes everyone.

Fight in Biggboss

Kaushal and Nuthan were discussing about housemates. Kaushal is telling that out of all the housemates Tanish is playing as a matured person and says he has shown his maturity in playing the tasks, but not as mature as him.

Housemates gathered in the kitchen and were discussing Amit says that he does not want to leave the house as he got attached to everyone in the house. Tanish, Geetha also feels the same. Tanish becomes emotional and cries. Sunaina consoles him.


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Deepthi calls Nutan and asks him why he was not part of the discussion, as many housemates were at one place. Nutan tells Deepthi not to act over smart before him. Deepthi tells Nutan Naidu that everyone came to Biggboss house to win. Nutan contradicts and asks who told her about this? Deepthi asks Nutan why he came to Biggboss house for winning or not? Nutan then tells Deepthi to be her self and not act. Deepthi feels bad and leaves the place.

Now, its time for the natural Star Nani to enter the show. Nani comes and greets everyone. He talks to everyone and shares the memories of the tasks. In his discussions, he asks everyone if they were happy with the captaincy of Pooja. Everyone raises their hands and says that they were happy with her captaincy. Only Kaushal says that he was not happy with Pooja Captaincy as many times dog barked many did not follow the rules.

Fight in Biggboss

Now, its time for a caller. Caller Named Prashanth from Warangal calls and talks to Geetha Madhuri tells that he is her fan and feels that she is not playing her natural game. Also suggests her not to get influenced by anyone in the house. Geetha clarifies the caller.

Fight in Biggboss

Nani now reveals the names of the housemates who were in nominations and tells the name of the housemate who was in the protected zone. The first name he takes is Geetha and the second name is Shyamala. He did not reveal the third person name. Now everyone has to wait till tomorrow to know who is eliminated from Biggboss House.

That’s it from our end. Its Vijay Kumar Ram Signing off.


Babu Gogineni Eliminated from Biggboss House


Babu Gogineni Out of Biggboss HouseBabu Gogineni Eliminated from Biggboss House. Nani came to the sets with the amazing blue suit. He looks dashing in that suit. He is in a pleasant mood. He greeted everyone. All the Housemates were happy seeing him. He played small task with the housemates. This time it was the game of Drawing. He asked everyone to choose a card and asked to draw which is on the card. It was very fun.

Babu Gogineni Out of Biggboss House

Babu Gogineni Eliminated from Biggboss House

As it was Sunday, somebody has to to be eliminated from the house. The contestants who were in elimination list were Tanish, Deepthi, Shyamala, Madhuri, Ganesh. Nani took the names of the one who was in the protected zone. Finally, he took the name of the person who is evicted from the house. It was ‘Babu Gogineni’ this week who has to be eliminated.

Babu Gogineni Eliminated from Biggboss House

Nani shows Babu his journey in the Biggboss house. It was really very good. Nani asked Babu to take a contestant name on whom BIGBOMB has to be thrown. Babu chooses Roll Rida for Bigbomb.

Babu Gogineni Eliminated from Biggboss House

Overall it was very funfilled sunday. This is Vijay Kumar Ram signing off.

Babu Gogineni Eliminated from Biggboss House